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Kyle Park : Fit For A King lyrics

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Kyle Park lyrics : "Fit For A King"

She says go on beyond the blue neon
Cuz I'm as gone as a girl can get
Out of the blue clear sky

She'd gotten good at goodbye
What do you say to that?

Well if I know me
I'll end up drinking champagne
With Ft. Worth never crossin' my mind

When I reach Marina Del Ray
This cowboy's riding away
And I'll just take it one night at a time

What's goin on in your world?
Cuz my world has slipped away

I just can't go on dying like this
It will always never be the same

When did you stop loving me?
I didn't come to expect that from you
But I cross my heart that I'll love you forever

Are the famous last words of a fool

Well it was easy come easy go

I should of blamed it on Mexico
I'm feeling pretty down and out
But I've got this 80 proof bottle of tear stopper

To make me feel a little unwound
Right or wrong you look so good in love
And darlin' you know it's true

You're something special to me
I've got this fool hearted memory

And I'll always be the man in love with you

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