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KWOON : Frozen Bird lyrics

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KWOON lyrics : "Frozen Bird"

Beneath the clouds
Across the seasons in the wild
Lived a lonely girl

With a torn paper bird
She was breathing in the frozen wind
Singing in the haze

And waiting for a fortune teller
And missing her father
Standing by a river

Was a weeping widow
There lived an old man
Blind and alone

He was breathing in the frozen wind
Folding flying paper doves
Dreaming that one day

His Izzy would bring a dove back home
Izzy, look around
There's a flying swirling bird

He's hanging overhead
And waiting for your hand
But Izzy only say a flying paper crow

She ran to the sun
And screamed into the wind
She was crying so deeply

Dreaming of a father bird
Breathing so slowly
Freezing near a weeping willow


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