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KSP_THEREALIST : Breaking Free lyrics

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KSP_THEREALIST lyrics : "Breaking Free"

theres rimnants of real %#@!, the fakest, the realist
im the landlord of this $#&@in music, all yall just be the tenants
your millions diminish, as i step into the booth

im not about the bull%#@!, cuz i only speak the truth
i need to take the edge off, can someone light this blunt please
holdin in the tetra smoke, it festers in my lungs breath

cant escape reality, ive even tried to run
your tryna find an endin now, its only just begun

im searchin for a reason, should u continue breathin,
or let the music take u, with the bass that keeps on beatin
you turned your back on all of it, it might as well be treason

i see you lurkin late at night, and i can see you creepin
your family was sleepin, no dignity thier keepin
the cops told them what happened, your mama started weepin

see everyones got secrets, but your life needs a reset
see i just live with focus, but you live with regret

blasted, straight magic, you got money, ill snatch it
the swag i rep got fruity style, apples in a basket
but you just ran out dem miles, now u in a casket

you countin coins out of your bag, im just swipin plastic
itts kinda gettin toxic now, ill call that %#@! hazmatic
yall just play with airsoft, but i play with automatics

the money makes me smile tho, life is so fantastic
addicted to this music %#@!, call me a fanatic

i was playin yall at first, but now im bein serious
yall be so confused, definition of delerious
please dont make me mad now, dont wana see me furious

i speak this %#@! straight from the heart, dont think that yall are hearin this
the world is ending slowly now, the end of time is nearin us
the life u live is foggy now, you should prolly clear it up

you know i got that blunt, and you know i got my cup
maybe i do really care maybe i do give a $#&@

people want hit music, sorry, aint got %#@! to do wit it
it seems i just grab beats and then i go and make music
maybe now i think about it, maybe i do have a chance

make it two or 3 of them and i can come down like an avalanch
rap to me's like salad, yea i $#&@in neeed my ranch
%#@! im sippin henny, i $#&@in spilled it on my pants

sick of all the beggers, its seems to me that thier just ants
you wouldnt understand tho, you only took one glance

but you see its the realest of these flippin measures,
damn right ive seen the dark side, thats why im here to bring pleasure
you too, uve seen them days, and youve seen that sunny weather

but theres a blessing in disguise, its not flame, itz just feathers.
release the $#&@in demons, and go and cut them out the tether
stop bein who your not, your family probably expects better

im not tryna be a smart $$#, or tryna go and be clever
keep on searchin through the %#@!, soon enough youll find your treasure

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