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Kristinia DeBarge : Find It In My Heart lyrics

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Kristinia DeBarge lyrics : "Find It In My Heart"

I walked the ..tonight, you asked if I was alright?
I told you that I needed water
And when you looked in my eyes you knew that it was a lie

The emptiness is taking over.

Wish that I couldn't burn and start over

After all this time it's not the same
Will we ever get it back again?

How can I find it in my heart?
All the words you wanna say, ..dangerous go away

How can I find it in my heart?
That you we're pulling me statue break me till I breathe
I always came to you look at the shelter

You left me here alone without an answer
If it was easier then everyone can do it
I gotta find a way

You always pull me back again, you tell me no, not again
You always have the right things to say

Right up you seem like a trick, where is your head and your stick
This seems to be your favorite puppy
Wish that I couldn't find and start over

After all this time
It's not the same
Will we ever get back again?


Remembering the times
When you had your own life
I'm so sick and tired

Of everything go around me
I can't spread your mind
But then I wish I could

'cause I'm running out of time
To give myself away to you.


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