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KRISPY KREME : The Baddest lyrics

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KRISPY KREME lyrics : "The Baddest"

Krispy Kreme!
2012, yeah, we back up in this

Y'all already know

I am the baddest of them all
If you ain't 'bout money, then I don't mess with y'all

Y'all think I don't get girls, cause I ain't very tall
If she see my stacks, I bet you that she calls

[Verse 1]
I had to fight my whole life
I could beat you up even if you had one thousand knives

Even if you had infinity knives
I would punch you up into the air like a kite
I bet you sleep with a nightlight

Cause you're scared of the dark
Cause you stink like a fart
Well I'll light your fart on fire with my rhymes

You think I won't? I do it all the time
I bet I got more money than Jay-Z
Compared to me, Jay-Z is Lay-Z

Plus Beyonce thinks that I'm cute
It's okay Beyonce, I think you're cute too
I made out with so many girls

Made out with every girl in the world
I might look small, but I'm not
I don't care if you're big, I'll fight you a lot

You know that


[Verse 2]
I have four hundred cars

I have four hundred scars and four hundred guitars
I have four hundred houses
I have four hundred mouses and four hundred houses

Bet you I can dance better than you
I bet you you don't know two plus two
It's four! It's four!

Now go and shut the door
Cause nobody wants to see your face no more
I'm tough as nails

You're slower than a snail
I beat up every single person in jail
I dare you to try and punch me

My face is so hard you'll say, "Ouch, you crunched me"
I fought two lions and won
And I don't even carry a gun

But I never run, but I never run
But I never r-r-r-r, but I never run
You know you know that


Uhh, Krispy Kreme
I already told you we back up in this

2012 to infinity
Hah, get out of here, peace

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