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KREAYSHAWN : Blasé Blasé lyrics

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KREAYSHAWN lyrics : "Blasé Blasé"

[Hey ladies, get gassin
I'ma gas like the cops aint commin
Top down, music loud who's talkin?

Can't hear haters Blasé Blasé
Go crazy, get money
I do my dance like no one saw me

Throwin down like no one taught me
Can't hear haters Blasé Blasé]

Ooo (*##$, I'm here and I'm back on
If you thought my first, was my last song
Face the fact man,

You couldn't be more wrong
I'm takin shots from the top like I'm King Kong
Gassed out with my hair sleeked back

Got more (*##$es than a pimp named slick back
She aint bleedin like she bout to have a heart attack
She on the Dro and she couldn't even handle that

Lay back, you're coughing up a lung or two
Man I can't explain what this gas might do to you
The crew knew, yea I know it's new to you

Come through I can't teach you a thing or two

She Told me I'm the fliest she ever met

That's weird cuz she aint even grown yet
Moet Moet, the top off
She in the bathroom tryna take her top off

One, eight, seven, two, eleven
We do numbers
They say Kreayshawn killed the whole damn summer

What a bummer, it's sad for you hating (*##$es
Better watch your chains when I get close (*##$es
In my business, girl I welcome you

Wanna be my best friend? girl you gotta show to prove
What's it do?, we mobbin on a Saturday
$#&@ the first day, everyday we getting payed

Yes, I'm beautiful, I'm gorgeous
No you can't afford this

You driving in a Ford (*##$
Glorious, my whole crew iced out
We melt flames, them other (*##$es bow down

It's time now, she said to bring the gas out
'Bout to turn the flame on
And burn the whole house down

More money more money, I spend it right
Them dudes lame' they tryna come spend the night
I'm out here in the sky like a star hoe

You on the floor tryna pay up a car note
Real %#@!, don't harm me I'm never fake
I'm in the 90′s you can call me Ricky lake

Ricky Lake

Get Money I do my dance like no one saw me

Get Money I do my dance like no one saw me
Can't hear haters Blasé Blasé

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