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Korpiklaani : Rise lyrics

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Korpiklaani lyrics : "Rise"

[Music: Jonne Järvelä; Lyrics: Jonne Järvelä, Virva Holtiton, Jarkko Aaltonen]

Out of the silent sea,

Came the holy men of war
Killers in the name of god, with bible,
Cross and book of law

Welcome to the land of ice,
Welcome to the land of snow...
Come in and meet our gods.

This is not your day


Nouskaa maasta maitten henget,
Nouskaa maasta maitten henget,
Tulten henget, soan henget,

Tulten henget, soan henget,
Veden virrat, ilman pauhut,
Veden virrat, ilman pauhut,

Päälle vainomiesten päitten,
Päälle vainomiesten päitten.

[Chorus in English:]
Rise from the ground, spirits of the earth,
Spirits of fire, spirits of war,

Flow of waters, rumble of thunder,
Above the heads of our enemies.

Rise now from the ground
Mighty spirits of the earth
Come down god of wind

Mighty spirit of the air

Rise now water of the seas

Drown all our enemies
Rise now god of fire
Burn and give back our land of dreams

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