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Kool And The Gang : Higher Plane lyrics

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Kool And The Gang lyrics : "Higher Plane"

We're here at the white house for a special report
On the energy crisis.

Mr. president, have you any statement?

'leave me alone

Just leave me alone'

Mr. president, what really caused the energy crisis?

'smokin' in the boy's room'

During the crisis, how much gas will motorists be allowed?

'just enough for the city'

Who do you believe the gas shortage will affect most?

'helen, helen wheels'

Mr. president, the crisis must be solved.

What do you intend to do?

'keep on playin' those mind games'

With me now is the head of the federal energy office.
Sir, you hold an important position. what are your


'i'm a joker, i'm a smoker

I'm a midnight toker'

Mr. president, have you anything to add?

'leave me alone
Just leave me alone'

Here with me is the new vice president, chevy ford.
Sir, how would you sum up the gas shortage?

'goodbye yellow brick road'

(telephone rings)

We have a long distance call from saudi arabia.

King faisal, is that you?

'hello, it's me'

King faisal, what are your thoughts when you
Look out at all those oil wells?

'you're beautiful and you're mine'

I have golda meir of israel on the other phone.
What should i tell her?

'won't you tell her
That i love her'

Mr. president, have you any added comment?

'leave me alone

Just leave me alone'

Mr. president, the american people are waiting. have you a


'i'm on the top of the world

Lookin' down on creation'

We'd like to continue this record on the energy crisis

But we have just run out of energy

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