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Kool And The Gang : Heaven at Once lyrics

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Kool And The Gang lyrics : "Heaven at Once"

Kool, you know I've been thinkin'
What do we need to make things
Better in the world today

You know that's a beautiful thought
We need peace, we need unity

We need peace for you and me

You know because we are so blind

We can't see, we cannot see the creator of a tree
The creater of a bee, the creator of you and me

What are you doin' to make things better
Well, you see we are scientists of sound
We're mathematically puttin' it down

And you know we're tryin' to find the key to the light
What do you mean by the key to the light

Well, brother you see, from the darkness came the light

We need that light to find peace and unity

Because there's so much illusion and confusion
So much destruction, so much corruption

What could I do
Well, you know that's why we have to save the children
Because you're gonna play a very important part

So you must continue to strive and bring this peace and unity
Because there's only way we can find heaven

Through peace and unity

Would that be heaven?

Yes, you know that would be heaven at once

Heaven at once, ooh heaven

Heaven at once, ooh heaven
Heaven at once
Heaven at once

Ooh heaven, heaven at once

Yes, it would be heaven at once

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