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KITTIE : Slow Motion lyrics

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KITTIE lyrics : "Slow Motion"

And this love will be the death of me
Blank eyes see no end
Pulse is weak

Your skin is turning blue
I can't let go of you
Hope is gone T

he light is dim again
I'm praying for a sign
Fragile hearts

A face so porcelain
This blow surely break you
I am at the end of all of life's decisions

It's not too late
Can you, will you please be there for when it all comes down?

In slow motion
I'll hold on to this empty shell
It's everything I have

Lower me into the ground before all of these crumbles onto me

And I will hold you

And I will hold you down
Alive to see your death
You'll never make a sound

And I will hold you
And I will hold you down
You'll be forever

And never make a sound

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