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KIRKO BANGZ : Daddy lyrics

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KIRKO BANGZ lyrics : "Daddy"

Say this a letter to my pops mane
Not the one that's been free
The one behind the scenes I looked up to a lot mane

I got your letter hate to see that you on lock
But it's still grudge in my heart from how you took my brother's car
And you gave it to a broad

And she the whole reason that yo $$# behind bars and now I hide behind bars
I got too much pride to let anyone inside
Don't let anybody ride cause any night I might fly

Any night I might die
But im still living for Josh and I'm only living for Corey
I love my mama a lot

And I still can't get the thought of you smackin' her in her mouth out my head
So I'm thinkin' about smacking you up a lot
I got a whole bunch of feelings in me nobody knows about

Sometimes I feel like I got a whole bunch of killers in me
And they say life is about forgivin' and forgettin'
And how the $#&@ I'm gone forgot when I'm holding my lil' sister

She cryin' over a ^!$$% it's fine time will fix it
I been playin' ya role since nine while other children were happy just to be living
I never was playing wit em'

I'm sitting wit mama cryin' we behind on the rent
And since the fourth grade this %#@! never go away ^!$$%
And now my lil' brother going both ways ^!$$%

But I love him the same can't say I wasn't a shame when I heard it man I cried as I boarded my plane
Mix that with the fact people know I'm getting change
And I ain't want a gun cause I thought that would make me change

I just racked up on my change sacrifice some thangs
Moved my family out the hood cool house can't complain
But my mama still rollin' round in something less than range

But I brought it one morning when she had nothing left but pain
Just to see her mood change to sunshine from rain
Mean more than anything I could possibly gain from fame

And I know you know my oldest cousin
Well them people took her kids
Mama took them from em'

And we helpin' mama raise em' tyrna make em' stronger
She couldn't be a father but she one hell of a mother
I'm tryna think of any pain yes I gotta tell ya

But I guess I gotta save that for another letter
Oh, man you remember the time y'all use to love each other
Damn man now it's like y'all don't even know each other

And in ya letter you told me how you was jealous of me and my real father
When he came over to get me said you couldn't be selfish
Had to let me get to know my fam and get to know my siblings

And then you told me that you lost yo pops when you was six I'm realizing
It's starting to make sense
I'm reading over again tryna make it make sense

Man I fell sorry for you chillin' in that pin
All over again and I ain't tell you bout my deal
But you seen my videos so yeah you know the deal

And I know Bun B damn you know that's trill
And you know I keep some (*##$es wit me aha
You know I gotta make these ^!$$%s envy

And as for my car man I'm riding some black on black
Cause ya little boy got them racks on racks
I remember when he use to have that seventy-two Camaro

Now I'm running around looking for a seventy-two Camaro
Cause damn you was just too cool 22 and I still wanna be like you

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