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KIRBY KRACKLE : North Of The Wall lyrics

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KIRBY KRACKLE lyrics : "North Of The Wall"

The night is dark, and full of terrors yo
I used to go to summer camp and hang with Johnny Snow
Some people wanna rock, some people wanna roll

And everyone is worried bout what's north of the wall

So I made my name known, Cause I want the Iron Throne

Lannister, Baratheon
And I'm sure all the rest of them

Have never washed a dish or worked a day in their whole lives
A king should should lead by chance like eating shrimp under a heat lamp
What do we say to the God of Death

Not today
Not Today

So I made my name known
Cause I Want the iron throne

North Of The Wall X n

Direwolves and giants, all the magic and the spying
All's I know I call Kahlessi but she never calls me back
We could take a stroll, telling stories like an old crow

Where my dragons at
Where my dragons at
Where my draggons at

So I made my name known Cause I Want the Iron Throne

North Of The Wall X n

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