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KING CRIMSON : People lyrics

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KING CRIMSON lyrics : "People"

(music by King Crimson, words by Adrian Belew)
people fly people flee
people clam and say "it wasn't me"

people fish people beef
people arm to teeth
yes, you've got people on the tube

walking on the moon
people at the bottom of the sea
people in tombs

people in igloos
even a tribe of pygmies

people are the main spring
turning the world around
people, they're the main spring

spinning this world upside down

people sun people toast

people tire shile other people smoke
people bowl people rock
people pay to see two people box

watch me face me
dress me baby me

phone me wire me
house me bug me fire me

people are the main spring
spinning the world around
people, they're the main spring

turning this world inside out

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