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[chorus, Missy Modell]:
We can make it work
I know that you think it's foolish

You've learned to be on your own
You don't want to lose it all
We can make it work

You're scared to lose control
They call it fallin' for a reason
Let me be the reason you fall

We were so invested, we opened up and we both connected

Why'd you go and end it? And leave me broken-chested?
Like a lifeless mess, them words hit me like a knife to chest
Or a bullet from a sniper's nest

Nowadays, I can't even get you on the phone
You try to tell me you're learning how to be on your own
When we both know that's a copout, stop now

That heart'll never work if you keep everybody blocked out
All I wanna know
Is why you traded me for all these people that didn't care about you a year ago

They did the things that I did for you?
When work moved you, they traveled the country to different cities to visit you? (yeah right)
I guess ya life got a little too serious

To ever see the person that cared about you the most (ahem)
So I'ma have a toast
"Just give me a single wine glass and a table for one" is what I say to the host

Maybe every love has a day where you see the curtain
I pray for these people searchin,' maybe it could be perfect
But lately all of the pain and the way that it leaves me hurtin'

Is makin' me re-determine if makin' it's even worth it


Baby let's make it work I can't take this hurt

I know how I played it at first was the way of a jerk
But just as I'm saying these words I meant every statement you heard
From the flames that blaze in my nerves to I pray that you stay my girl

None created's a greater world than the place where our faces merge
Mine'd lay in your swayin' curls, I could taste the array of curves
Hearts'd race and mistake a turn, aching I yearn for days

When our gazes again return, unshaken remaining firm
Anxiously waiting I learn, this ain't a game it's a journey
Equating our fates eternally my brain all these waves will stir

'Til negated are raised concerns and instated are favored terms
No hateful behavior earned just unwavering gain deserved
The embrace of our favorite persons entangled, a dame and sir

The nearest I came to perfect since waking on planet earth
If you think maybe the change'd be worth it, I'd praise what you may prefer
And thank you gratefully for certain, please baby let's make it work


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