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KILLA KYLEON : Yeah, Yeah lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Yeah, Yeah"

Ok, this is DJ Dick-In-Ya-Mouth
And this is D-A-Y-1 FM, 102.9 on ya radio dial

And we looking for the real freak right now
I'm gon take my first call
First caller, you on the air

(hey man, you think you could play that
New Kyleon for me mayn)

I make a (*##$ say yeah, like Ush' and Jon
I like to put it in they face, when I bust my gun

It's big dick'ing over here, I can touch your lungs
And when it come to bad (*##$es, I done $#&@ed a ton
Day 1 Fam playa, Kyle, Mack and Pretty Tony

We take ^!$$%z (*##$es, you looking pretty lonely
You say you a pimp, but you looking pretty phony
I heard your chick eat dick, and she looking pretty hungry

Got (*##$es that'll dome me, all the way in Wyoming
Cause the whip so clean, and the shoes so chromey
Stop $#&@ing with me homie, unless you ready to die

Cause my bullets like pilots, they ready to fly
And if you ready to buy, Killa got that work
I got that ki that O-Z, I got that verse

And that number one spot, Killa got that verse
Cause I'm a pimp not a simp, how about that chuuch

That's what you wanted man
This is DJ Dick-In-Ya-Mouth, mayn

And that was my boy Killa Kyleon man
It ain't over, he got that heat
For the streets man, him and his boy

Dre Day, them Day 1 Fam boys
Over there on that No' drive
What's up Beelow, and all rest of them boys

Dee-Wee and Ron-Wee man, come back
Tell 'em some'ing Kyleon hey, (hey)

I'm getting money, continuously
That's why, these ^!$$%z envy a G

Want me to breathe on your track, gon head send me a G
And if the beat sound good, I might do it for three
But, Kyleon can't do it for free

Put yourself in my shoes, would you do it for me
Now you looking, for some %#@! to start
The only Free I know, host 106 & Park

Mayn, this ain't no video show
You ^!$$%z can't $#&@ me, I ain't a video hoe
Nooo, it's not finna happen

Before I do that, Killa gon stop rapping
Truth in the booth, there's no more excuses
So all you other whack lil' cats, just useless

Get on your note, go home and regroup G
Why you looking at the General, you need to salute me

That's right, Killa Kyleon ladies and gentlemen
And this is, W-D-A-Y-1 FM

102.9 on your radio dial, caller come on in caller
Tell me some'ing (hey man, that's what I'm
Tal'n bout man, that's the kinda %#@! I like to hear

Right there man, the way boys be coming through
Wrecking them flows man, that's what I like to hear)
Yeah alright, and we out of here mayn

Killa Kyleon, Boss Hogg Outlawz [gun shot]
I wanna dedicate this underground, to my cousin
LeAndre Prescott, AKA Stankis, AKA Houston Stank

We missing you forever, ^!$$% I love ya

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