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KILLA KYLEON : Where Da Cash At Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Where Da Cash At Flow"

Agent double-0 Flow ^!$$%
Yeah run it, CTC ^!$$%

Cut the mother$#&@ing check, you dig
This ain't a freestyle, it's a fee to hear me ^!$$%
Yeah, that's right Killa dig the flow bro

I'm in a European six, with a European chick

That give me some head, and keep me with a clean dick
Aggravated flow, the boy Killa got a mean spit
My 16's got the seam sewed, like a seam split

Diamonds blue and cold, like the flu do my bling sick
I rock jewels with a attitude, I got a mean wrist
Smoking on some green %#@!, purple in my soda

Buster see gorilla open, now I'm smoking that yoda
Dash full of cash, in the wall full of yola
A-1 no soda, I'm a I-10 toter

My pockets overweight, from all the cash that I get
While your %#@!, look like it's on a Atkin's diet
All that bull%#@! these other clicks selling, we don't buy it

Can't slick a can of oil homeboy, so don't try it
You stuck at the bottom, my click's the highest
You crop dusters we G-4, my click supply it yeah

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