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KILLA KYLEON : Wamp Wamp Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Wamp Wamp Flow"

Yeah that's right, Killa ay

You know I roll up, with the purp' po'd up
Bucket of ice on my chest, got me froze up

I got the fifth down, top fold up
Yeah (*##$ I'm riding around, with my nose up
I'm switching lanes mayn, what it do

I got my hand on the grain mayn, what it do
I'm pop trunk full of bang mayn, what it do
My Cadillac on swangs mayn, that's what it do

Bullets'll push your T, when Killa empty the clips

And that's for real, no not for real no that's the steel
I'm from trillville, for real where ^!$$%z will kill
For a hot meal, they'll show you how that glock feel

Cop a chopper, put a boy in his place
$#&@ fifty you cheap, without the scar on your face
They say actions speak louder than words, but I ain't talking to ya

I just put one off into your eye, bring your coffin to ya
Lights out, meet the reaper sing your lullaby
Slow singing flower bringing, watch your mother cry

I'm a smooth criminal, I'm not Mike Jack but some'ing like that
But I don't want your dope or your dollas, I want your life black
The Mac'll have you running back, we call it craw-fishing

Not a bar missing on a mission, to meet the mortition
I make a movie out him, meet your audition
Run the clip Rogers, now the boy twitching


The boy Killa spit infection, through your ear lobe
He's nothing like them, so they label him weirdo

Y'all spit it so sloppy, but I speak it so clear though
H.D. $#&@ with me, your wife'll be a widow
Stacks on deck, lay your head on my pillow

I hear you getting money, well dido
Flow sick, so label it hot spitto
Y'all softer than Spongebob, the boy Killa brillow negro

Show stopper brick buster, and a blow rocker
Pull up on fo' choppers, get your bopper
I do the beat smoke chronic, but I'm no Dr.

Speak bad english, yeah but my flow proper
Bull%#@! walk, money do a fo' and a forty
$#&@ing with mine, and you can get your four out of forty

Killa's a winner, you just a zero and a forty
Think you $#&@ing with me, you must be on dro and Bacardi


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