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KILLA KYLEON : See About Cha lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "See About Cha"

Talking that %#@!, about a Boss Hogg ^!$$%
We gon, (see about chaaaaa)

And if you plex with me, while this tech with me
I'ma, (see about chaaaaa)

Don't get your $$# whipped, don't get your $$# shot
And if a ^!$$% slipping, he get his $$# got

The Houston Medical Center, is your last stop
When I swell up your head, like a mascot
We'll beat a ^!$$% $$#, till he pass out

Kick him to the curb, like we putting trash out
Wet these cowards up, like the water on
And give him shots to the head, like quarter stone

Hey is your daughter home, cause I'm trying to $#&@
But she ain't getting in my truck, if she ain't trying to suck
Round here ^!$$%z get killed, behind a buck

So when you hear them gun shots, you better duck
Now let's get it crunk, like your car on
And turn the whole $#&@ing club, to a war zone

And buy up all the liquor, till the bar gone
Play some gangsta %#@!, by Killa Kyleon

[Hook x2]


We the Boyz N Blue, (*##$ it's our time
Money long, and it stretch like a power line
You might glow, but it ain't bright as our shine

You might hustle, but it ain't strong as our grind
I know you see us pulling up, in them big body loads
We $#&@ with fine dimes, you $#&@ with them big body hoes

You can catch me and Slim, hopping out big body Rolls
Or that Lac E.S.V., on them 24's
Everything new, everything blue

We speak facts on tracks, everything true
Plus we hungry, it's time to eat dinner folk
We them new ^!$$%z, taking over Interscope

It's the Boss, and his hitman Killa
You might be nice, but this man iller
And I ain't gotta keep, telling y'all we ball

Just look at the line of blue cars, on the C-Wall


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