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KILLA KYLEON : Public Service Announcement lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Public Service Announcement"

This is a public service announcement
Sponsored by Killa Kyleon, and the good folks

At the Day 1 Family, ha-ha-ha
I'm back in this (*##$, like I love here mayn (Killa)
That's right, this what I do though you know what I'm saying (mo')

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name


Killa ^!$$%, H to the O-G
From here to the great lakes, ^!$$%z know me
Bread's what you better break, if you owe me

Or get a @@#!ed glock shot, to your goatee
The underground's, number one supplier
The reason no one go to the record stores, to buy ya %#@!

And if they see it on the shelf, they deny it quick
Or let they windows down, to show they can fly ya %#@!
I can't lie but, I ain't playing it

Cause I don't understand it when, ^!$$%z ain't saying %#@!
But a bunch of punch lines, in they rhymes
That's why I eat 'em like lunch time, when I rhyme

That's why me and Dre Day, the perfect match
Cause we keep a good batch, of what other suckers lack
So that's why, I can't cut 'em no slack

And I'm keep spitting these hit flows, back to back like that


%#@!, allow me to clear my throat for a second
Ladies and gentlemen, I was a little horse on that one there
So, if you didn't hear me clear enough

It's only right that I give it to you live and clear, you know what I'm saying
It's only right man, feel me man run it (hey)

That's right Killa, not Slim Thugger from the North
But around these parts, you can call me the Boss

Not Watts, but I'm the man of the house
That spent mo' than twenty grand, for this Rolls Gold I floss
Killa, got more gauges than that inspector

That'll rip through that bullet proof vest, that protect you
When I start shooting at you, like projectors
So I suggest ya, pay attention to my lecture

And if I'm running low, I got a few extra
Clips in the car, in case I gotta wet ya
Then put your (*##$ $$#, on the stretcher

When EMS and the Carnavan, come get ya
$#&@ with a Hogg and, you will get your iss-ya
When them guns start popping bullets, through your tiss-ya

And when it's over, you gon really wish ya
Didn't $#&@ with Kyleon, and them shots wouldn't of hit ya

Play close attention man, the truth just spoke
This like chapters out the Bible man

You only get one chance, to hear the truth (Killa)
And after that, I'm leaving the mother$#&@ing building ^!$$%
Whoa-whoa uh Killa, C-Mo yeah ^!$$%

This what we fin to make you do mayn [gun shot]

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