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KILLA KYLEON : On Fire lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "On Fire"

Run it, Houston Texas
You now rocking, with the Killa Kyleon

Hit spitter ^!$$%, hey


We Boss Hogging, up in here
That's what we do, we Boss Hogging
We Boss Hogging, up in here

That's what we do, we Boss Hogging
We Boss Hogg in this mother$#&@er
We Boss Hogg in this mother$#&@er (what you say)

We Boss Hogg, in this mother$#&@er
We Boss Hogg, in this mother$#&@er

I got money, but Killa don't spoil her
And after I cut her mayn, Killa don't call her

Now that's the true, definition of a baller
Knock a chick down, and don't give a chick a quarter
I'm a candy blue, 22 inch crawler

7-45, I retired my Impala
I'm a hustler, all about a dolla
And if it ain't about money, I ain't gon holla

Plus I'm a pimp, I'ma pop my colla
Po' up the white cup, then take a swalla
The best rappers, will respect that ^!$$%

And if the beat jamming, I'ma wreck that ^!$$%
I'm the greatest, get it through your melon ^!$$%
I'm the best yet, I been telling ^!$$%z

A hot boy, I've been selling ^!$$%
Cause this man's on fire, I'm Denzel'ing ^!$$%z



I'm not a reverend, but I preach to these ^!$$%z
I'm one of the hottest rappers, in the streets to these ^!$$%z
I comfortably speak heat, to these ^!$$%z

All you other cats whack, I been peeping these ^!$$%z
Not a DJ, but K slay ^!$$%z
Killa with the flow, I DK ^!$$%z

The best rapper, since that BK ^!$$%
2Pac, Biggie and that Freeway ^!$$%
My name's Killa, I'll lyrically murder ya

You're not a rapper, if I ain't heard of ya
You not getting good dope, if I ain't serving ya
You're not getting whipped G, what are you nervous for

I spit facts, on the track boy
I'm even known in St. Louis, and I ain't a track boy
Ask around, I'm the hottest ^!$$% rapping

With just another gat, that's on the track yapping

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