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KILLA KYLEON : Nicks & Dimes lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Nicks & Dimes"

[Hook x4:]
Use to push, nicks and dimes
Now all I do, is spit a few hits and rhyme

Guess who is back in the mix, that's attacking your chick

Getting top from the (*##$, up in back of the six
It's Killa ^!$$%, from the Outlaw click
And I don't pay for %#@!, cause I'm a Outlaw trick

I'm a rhymer grinder, shiner big timer
But get you some locs, cause this ice might blind ya
The truth in the booth, do I need to remind ya

So if you need a hit, pick one out my binder
I'm the best with the flow, and it's best that you know
So don't try to test me, I'm suggesting you bro

Whites Blacks, even Mexicans know
Everytime I grab the mic, I be blessing it bro
Now my fanbase, the hugest dude

It got the rocks in the watch, like a rubix cube
And when it comes to these hoes, I'm the rudest dude
I'm not that ^!$$%, don't confuse me dude

[Hook x4]

I ride tracks, like a tractor trailer
I hold down the block, like the Tractor Traylor

I got a bunch of chicks, I can pack the gator
I pack a big gat, to attack the haters
I gotta get money now, I'm relaxing later

Need a hit you can get it, but I'm taxing playa
For shorts, I only wear those in the summer
Now boo, you ain't gotta wear those in the Hummer

My pockets big, like the 24's on the Hummer
I just wanna $#&@, I don't want your name or your number
You gotta admit, Killa great with this

And if you don't believe that, you a atheist
I know a lot of ^!$$%z, hate this %#@!
Cause they don't understand, how I make this %#@!

I'm number one, that's how I rate this %#@!
I got a deal, I'm bout to go state to state with this

[Hook x2]

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