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KILLA KYLEON : I Just Wanna Know lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "I Just Wanna Know"

What the $#&@ wrong with these ^!$$%z mayn
Can't be mad, cause your (*##$ all over here looking at a playa mayn

%#@! you know the rules, your (*##$ chose me
We can handle this like some gentlemen
Or we can get into some gangsta %#@!, but I know

You don't want that mayn, hey check it out mayn (Killa)


Don't start no %#@!, it won't be no %#@!
Can't be mad at me, if you see your chick
All inside my car, like she my (*##$

She just hear the performance, she see my dick
%#@!, your bad if you wife the hoe
Tell you the truth, she not even my type of hoe

I'm just $#&@ing her, I don't even like the hoe
I just call her to $#&@, and she like to go
She a good looking broad, but she a trifling hoe

Cars clothes and jewelry, what entice the hoe
My partna Dre Day, was just with her the night befo'
Ron, D, B we all sliced the hoe

You can't convince me, and try to say this (*##$ not a bop
When everybody with a lil' change, got a shot of cot
You spend a dime to hit, I spit a line to hit

When it's my time to split, you run behind the chick
%#@!, I'ma just let you spoil the hoe
But when it's my time to $#&@, let me borrow the hoe mayn

Ha-ha, that's real mayn

Bring the hook in


I just wanna know
If you sipping behind her, please just let me know
So I can keep on hitting, while she take your do'

I can't believe you, try to make a housewife out a hoe
But you still love her
And you, will not let her go

Simp $$# ^!$$% mayn

What the $#&@ wrong with you mayn
You just really thought, this (*##$
Was gon see a ^!$$% doing it

And she was gon keep $#&@ing with you man
Dee-Wee man, we gotta tell these ^!$$%z man
They need to quit simping, behind these (*##$es mayn

You gotta love her or leave her alone man, run it
And them ^!$$%z really be thinking
That %#@! cool too mayn, man you know I've been

$#&@ing with that hoe for the longest
I've been spending all kinda bread, crazy $$# ^!$$%

A simp ^!$$%, just make me scream
When he catch his chick cheating, wanna make a scene

Putting his hands all on her, wanna beat the hoe
Yeah she wrong but, that ain't how you treat the hoe
You don't beat a (*##$ up, cause she $#&@ing around

You ain't married, just start $#&@ing the town
There's plenty fish in the sea, just move to the next
Cause you ain't losing your life, you just losing some sex

It's up to you, to kill confusion and plex
You can't make a (*##$ love you, by using your checks
Cause in the end, she ain't loving you

She just infatuated, with all the %#@! you do
Now do you feel me (nope), well back up man
That's when I step in, as the back up plan

Now that's when, your relationship's through
Cause that's what chicks, in a $#&@ed up relationship do


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