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KILLA KYLEON : Hog Clap lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Hog Clap"

Hey man, I'ma show you this new %#@!
That I got cracking for all them G ^!$$%z mayn

Ery'body know about this %#@!
It's simple %#@! to do, but I'ma just really
Show you how to do it (get busy y'all)

Don't start no %#@!, it won't be no %#@! [x2]

You hear that Hogg clap [@@#!, gun shot] [x2]


I got a K with me, pump and a fo' pound
A six shoot a shotty twice, now I got fo' rounds
Better ask bout me G, it go down

I pull it, @@#! it, aim it, bust it smoke ya like a dro pound
I stay strapped, like a pair of mits
It ain't no playing games with me, go find you a pair of kids

Cause I got bullets that'll snap you, like a Cherokee
I'm not a horror flick (*##$, but y'all better be scared of me
Cause I'll leave ya liver fried, mother$#&@er

Not Pac, but I'll send you to Riverside mother$#&@er
Leave you ^!$$%z dead, river side mother$#&@er
He said he was a gangsta, that ^!$$% lied mother$#&@er

Not Sean Paul, but I'll give you the light
And if I run out of bullets, I'll give you the knife
And if that don't work, I'll give you the right

But I don't want no money, just give me your life

[Hook x2]

When you see the Baretta buck, y'all better dodge

Or start getting yourself, like y'all Cheddar Bob
And if a (*##$ get in my %#@!, the broad better slob
And start eating my meat, like corn on the cob

Day 1 Familia, I'm sworn to the squad
I'm a mother$#&@ing gangsta, sworn to the job
And like a gold digging (*##$, I'm all about a dolla

Play with my do', I'm pumping blood all up out your collar
Got a special delivery, that's a [email protected]$!ed flow
And if you don't understand it, go back and record it slow

Kyleon's the hardest hoe, you just number two
Cause I be %#@!tin on these ^!$$%z, like I'm doin the number 2
I got more spit than kids, on a short bus

Y'all ain't harder than me, y'all just talk tough
Ask around, ain't no mo' like me
Even the Mississippi River, can't flow like me

[Hook x2]

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