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KILLA KYLEON : Do Ya Thang Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Do Ya Thang Flow"

DJ Storm right, that's right ^!$$%
They know what the $#&@ this is ^!$$%, this slab music ^!$$%

Pulling up on your side, on a fresh set of 4's ^!$$%
Cause 3's ain't for no G's, you know what I'm saying
Killa Kyleon ^!$$%, I am the slab king you dig

Finna do my thang like Tip say mayn, run it


Pull a wide body out off the dock, I'm fin to sail y'all
84 Perrich, G I'm talking bout my L-Dog
Pop my trunk, lights glowing all above my knock

Now or later paint, roof and inside's butterscotch
Fresh glass shoes, low pro fo's for the socks
I ain't gon lie, I know why I do it for the bops

Pulling out clean, car fresh up out the shower
Grab that Shammy, wipe it down for an hour
I love them swangas mayn, y'all can have the big wheels

Give me a slab, with a fifth and a big grill
Woman on the hood, poking out directing traffic
Swanging on your slab, soon as I roll pass it

$#&@ my alarm, I'm protected by the plastic
Touch my car, and it's finna get drastic
Shaking left to right, like I'm finna lose it

Popping my trunk mayn, I'm jamming Screw music

[Hook: x2]

I'm clean, diamonds in my teeth chain guzzling my ring
Looking like a million bucks, when I hit the scene
My load on 4's, and my candy paint mean

^!$$% I'm so clean, ^!$$% I'm so clean


Hand on my grain mayn, flipping through my neighborhood
Sipping on drank, purple stuff you know the flavor good
Smoking on some gangsta %#@!, I call it O.G. kush

Head turner, so the hoes and the police look
Boys hating, cause they know I got the best ride
Run up you'll get chestized, (*##$ I'll leave your chest wide

Lam do's, slab looking like a sports car
Pop my trunk, now it's looking like a sports bar
Slab king ^!$$%, so it ain't no competition

I'm fo' number one, that ain't no punk position
I ride 4's not 3's, now I got em heated
Hey what's the difference, five G's @@#! sucker beat it

[Hook x2]

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