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KILLA KYLEON : Breath Easy lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Breath Easy"

Whoa uh Killa, C-Mo yeah ^!$$% (^!$$%)
This what we finna make you do mayn

Listen up one-one, two-two
Three-three ^!$$%, breath easy
One-one, two-two, three-three ^!$$%

Kyleon flow cold, like when you see snow

You black cats on the track, Kyleon is C4
You might see a lil' do', Kyleon see mo'
And ain't none of y'all better, than Kyleon and C-Mo

If it wasn't for this rap, I'd still run D
Who the hottest on these streets, ask my ^!$$% Bun B
A hundred percent hit spitter, that's how they rate Kyle

Never battled at Rehab, never battled at 8 Mile
They hate Kyle cause he sick, like polio
I'm 24 and in my prime, like Kobe hoe

I'm MJ on these beats, you can't hold me hoe
I'm thoed, cause Cory Mo told me so
You might see me with Slim Thug, you might see me with Po-Yo

You might see me with Dre Day, you might see me with yo hoe
You might see me at 4-4, in Garden City
Or off of 'Stead spending do', at Bargain City

Killa finna be a superstar, as large as Diddy
In a house in a car, as large as Diddy
Talk %#@!, Kyleon'll stain your 'fit

And really turn you ^!$$%z, to the Color Changin' Click
I'm a pimp, I come around and bang your chick
Day 1 Fam, my gang is thick

And I got mob ties, like Frank Sinatra
I'm the shooter, you don't have to think I shot ya

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