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KILLA KYLEON : Blow In Killa lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Blow In Killa"



Smoking on this killa, I'm sipping on some'ing good
Comin down in some'ing candy, and I'm grippin on some'ing wood
I'm leaning and feeling good, man a ^!$$% too gone

Moving slow like cars, going through a school zone
Kyleon, got the drank in the mix again
And he blowing on them hydro, sticks again

With a nice dime yellow bone, (*##$ again
Finna open her mouth pull it out, and stick it in
I know they like the way them non-stoppers, twist and spin

The way they make all the young boppers, throw fits and grin
No fifths of Henn, cause my ^!$$%z don't like getting drunk
We like firing the blunts, and we like getting crunk

So open and @@#! the pump, in your mask and push ya
And punk you suckas, like Ashton Kutcher
And let bullets get in your head, like Aspirin ^!$$%

I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, if you asking ^!$$%
You better show some respect, when I'm passing ^!$$%
Before I have ya $$#, hundred yard dashing ^!$$%

I'ma use my %#@!, if I'm flashing ^!$$%
Pull the trigga, and put one up in your fashion ^!$$%


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