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KIDD ADAMZ : La La La lyrics

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KIDD ADAMZ lyrics : "La La La"

beast from the south they releasin me out
hope it's understood ima eat in the drought

sellin dope while it's police by my house
and my mama like why you smoke weed in the house
so im out and about leave the trees in the couch

see a #[email protected] ^!$$% i ain't seen in a while
rob a ^!$$% cold no place to found
that Glock 40, Pow! putcha knees in ya mouth

Bang Bang! #[email protected] muth$#&@a can't hang
all my ^!$$%s savage and we do the same thang
hope it's understood all my ^!$$%s gangbang

357 knocka mu$#&@a main frame
lane change, all my ^!$$%s do the same thang
Rolo Gang hit the club make it rain rain

ever since I popped off I ain't been the same mane
hittin liqs all day, aint %#@! change mane
for the money I go hard like IceBerg say

4th of July let the Fireworks spray
Lac 2, roll up time to get high
when I get high ion care what anybody say

d-d-do me, who he? that ^!$$% kidd
talkin that %#@! got that ^!$$% flipped
got popped like a zit got stretched wit the wood

100 round drumclip make a mess in ya hood


$moke from the Lake, got the hoes in the Lake
everybody wanna know the code to the safe
7.5.8 thats the home of great

imma Scott Lake Thug till im domed in the face
I was taught how to put the chrome in ya face
@@#! it back ^!$$% let it blow in ya face

pat pat, ^!$$% leave holes in ya face
OG cruise slow when im strollin away
tryna count money but these hoes in the way

money come first but these hoes wanna stay
I done hit 20 times but these hoes won't quit it
hope it's understood hoe Money ova (*##$es

she say im the %#@!, funny cause im %#@!tin
on em hatin $$# hoes who be worried bout a ^!$$%
where I get the work? dont worry it bout it ^!$$%

just know a ^!$$% got it if you heard bout it ^!$$%
i'm in the trap bumpin that F.G.K
$#&@ how you feel we the best in Dade

ion need a co-sign or a "yea he straight"
im a real lil ^!$$% check the Resume
in the HQ, chillin like a villian

with some bad $$# women gettin money to the ceiling
How you livin, how you livin, how you livin
guns up where the money? ^!$$% $#&@ how you feelin, it's Smoke

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