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KID ROCK : U Don't Know Me lyrics

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KID ROCK lyrics : "U Don't Know Me"

Here here we go from Japan to Romeo
my flow is slow and it's ya know my first time on radio
Now some say I'm foul, some say I'm wild

and that all might be true
but it did not happen overnight
so let me tell my tale to you

It started out when I was six just tellin' dirty jokes
my mother overheard and washed my mouth out with soap
Now as I grew I always knew what it was for me to do

never front just be blunt and always tell the truth
Never fake, I never act like something that I'm not
remember me I'm that foul mouthed kid that lived around your

You thought that I was crazy like a dog chasin it's tail
and by the time I turned of legal age I'd probably be in jail

In school my teachers thought I was just a foul mouthed freak
now their yearly salary is what I make in just one week
So to thepeople who used to say u think u know it all

maybe I do and maybe I don't but right now I'm standin
And u don't know me

It's funny how one kid can cause so much confusion
Parents should be happy I'm the dop their kids are using
Now some people think this business is all fame and glory

but there's a flip side to that truth so let me kick my story
It took me oh so long to reach the point I'm at
Every time I take one stip forward they push me two steps

I give an inch they take a mile some try to cramp my style
they try to diss they shoot they miss

I walk off with a smile
But time will pass and I'll out last anyone who doubts me
and the booty naked truth is u don't know %#@! about me

So when I'm in your town to nearst mic please kindly show me
so u can see what's really me and find out u don't know me
Cuz u don't know me

Now u might wanna party man so here's your party jam
Hey girly in that skirt I want u just like Uncle Sam
Let's knock boots, let's knock boots right down to the nitty

with every drind 'n every blink u seem to get more pretty
So out the bar straight to my car now what's left to do

she was sayin I love u so I said yeah I love you to
Next day I awoke I almost choked

who's bringin me inside,
my head was ringin' heard people singin' "here comes the

Thinkin just what was I drinkin as I looked around to see
the girl I met last night was at the alter waitin on me
Next thing I know I'm face to face with holy matrimony

looked at that (*##$ and I quick screamiN'
u don't know me...She didn't know me
Girls around this country think I'm nasty think I'm sexist

but they bought my first L.P.
u know-Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast
Sayin ooh your this and oooh your that uh uh uh hold up cutie

What's your favorite song off that L.P.
"Ah, Wax that Booty"
A lesson taught, I know you thought my dirty raps were kinda

but close minded people thought I was only out to make money
But check on back cuz it's a fact obscenity is no new thing

remember Chuck Berry and when he sang My Ding A Ling
But for me I feel what I see and I say just what I feel
and in this world everything I see u know is all too real

Even though I don't look the same cuz I cut off my flat top
I'll always say just what I feel cuz that's the real Kid

And u don't know me.

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