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KID ROCK : Back From The Dead lyrics

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KID ROCK lyrics : "Back From The Dead"

Back from the dead second L.P. here we go
Comin at ya from the R.O.M.E.O.
Pistol packed with a crew'o fly slimmys

hat turned back in some Airwalk jimmys
Never slackin hoes I be mackin
not wacked I don't try to act black when

I came up i came at ya from the outskirts
bag of weed in the pocket of my sweatshirt
Bone 2 the bone 2 the bad 2 the bad 2 the bone

Hit bound from the Mo-town allen
$#&@ a 40 I drink it by the gallon
I started out in Mount Clemens as a D.J.

park parties gettin drunk on Sunday
Tweeked in the heat 2 a beat I'd rock 2 the -and rip %#@! up
An now I've toured this nation

pimp of the nation
pullin hoes
Rock the set in each city then step

me, Blackman and Funk Daddy Def Stef
(*##$es, they think I'm sexist
but all I want baby is your grits for breakfast

Eggs, bacon, home cooked fries
and gimme a plate of that #[email protected] on the side
Triple x on the set showin no class

just a foul mouthed little $#&@in smart $$#
No fool I went 2 high school dumb $$#
smoked dope and i flunked every class

Slash and I smash cuz I thrash when I bash
invite me to a party and your house'll get trashed
An outcast sick of being harassed so I dashed

moved out of the crib cuz I hated cuttin grass
Now I reside on the eastside lovin it
cold 40 dog in a brown bag chuggin it

Flex, sex, run of the next
flippin and trippin and rippin and shakin the suckers who wanted

Front an get around 2 the
2 get up or get down 2 the rhyme
I'm shakin and takin and breakin I rip the mic like

Every time $#&@ I don't eat no manwich
kickin back coolin with a cold grits sandwich
Somebody said I'm the best in the Mo-town

but this town ain't %#@! but a ghost town
Who ever said it they lied they fessed
(*##$ I'm the best in the mother $#&@in Midwest

Wanna be heard when I rap so I yell it
sport a Tigers cap like my man Tom Selleck
One bad (*##$ I smoke hash from a stick

Got more cash than $#&@in White Boy Rick
My first LP wasn't pushed for %#@!
so Jive Records yo, go and suck a fat dick

Cuz I'm rippin like a chainsaw
yes I'm that raw laughin' at ya suckers like Hee Haw
Roll it up, take a hit and then pass it

That's how we do it when we roll down Gratiot
In my Grand Marquis I pimp to the beat
Two in the front and two hoes in the back seat

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