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KEVIN MCCALL : Freaky I Iz lyrics

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KEVIN MCCALL lyrics : "Freaky I Iz"

Get fresh
This is your song
Put your .. shoes

And your lipstick on
Get fresh
This is your song

You said you wanna freak
I'm gonna give you what you want
Hole lot of sex

Hole lot of liquor
Hole lot of chicks
Not a lot of nickels

Not enough party
To celebrate the (*##$
Sexy model miss ?

She got that Gucci
Her game is vicious
So I call her ?.

Girl you better be careful
Bagging on a dick
Now your friends wanna a sample

$#&@ing six night six night six
I've beaten that .. out of six
You go both ways get it ..

Beaten so hard now you got to take a piss
.. came you couldn't even walk in the morning
Go to work ?

Then you got friends in your homey
Ain't no fun if you don't share with your homeys

I'm making running day friends
Freaky I mean

I don't know how you telling I've been this
About the way that I've been giving you I beat this

I'm making running day friends
Freaky I mean

My tunes come down
The search coming up
.. to the side

She feel it in her guts
Ass in the air
$#&@ing like a ..

Pulling on your hair baby
Let me hear you scream
This swipe game lean I make a (*##$ cry

I'm licking from you lips to your teats to your tights
Blow you in a side I'm working out ? you sweat
.. $#&@ing with a freak

She told you I am a beast
She ain't never lied
I could go both for you in the same time

Thinking that #[email protected] (*##$ this is mine
You call that %#@! back put a ? to your smile
I'm not gonna waste time but I ain't in a rush

Hit it like a champ I beat the #[email protected] up
Lick your ..teats I beat the #[email protected] up
Telling all your friends how to .. to a stud


.. I'm making sure I don't leave no ladies out
I need a dirty dancer cause baby I can guarantee I'm gonna turn you out
To all my sexy girls say : aaa

Girl go nasty .. love me
Working till you can't take it
You are screaming ?

Pull your hair girl I'll kiss you till you drop
You got it telling everybody ?


This is what you want? (repeats)

This is what you need? (repeats)
This is what you get? (repeats)
This is what you like? (repeats)

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