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Kevin Devine : Off-Screen lyrics

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Kevin Devine lyrics : "Off-Screen"

I saw you
I saw you
Did you see me?

I was off screen
Off screen

From there I
From there I
Saw the flood rise

In my daydream

With my dead eye
With my dead eye
Watched for vultures

By the road side
Road side

The sun spoke
(It said my name)
The sun spoke

(It said my name)
I answered
"Good morning.

Are you alright?
Are you alright?

Cuz I can't see you now
So I've stopped looking out."
The dread collects in clouds

Drifting onscreen
Towards us onscreen

And I can't see you now
So I stopped looking out
Imagine my surprise

When you became my eyes
And overwhelmed the sky
Now the ground's hot

And the earth's dry
Here's your answer
Here's your big bright

Here's your leased life
Here's your white knight
Here's your alright

Here's your alright

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