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Kevin Cossom : Cold lyrics

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Kevin Cossom lyrics : "Cold"

Wish me to... and now I'm going have to give my...

... for goodie like that what you took something away from me

That I can't give back, I'm talking by the time you... ain't got no respect
You took a knight from putting... in my bed
But I want... grab my gun I'm ready to go

... ice and... but I didn't want
But I didn't want to take a... knowing from...
Believing me, no choice as you just

Just push to my limit and now I'm going have to give other...

Don't have to give my my my
I'm gonna... and I'll be in there and I'm gonna have to give other...
So never give what you give... so

I'm doing mine I think cover up the...
But you don't know we found out I'm a be...

That you're... no no no
To the house... the door and now I'm ready going the wall
The way you did it to me is hard to ignore so... I even the...

But I didn't want to take some leave no charge
I'm going...

I ain't try to hurt... need it bring you around


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