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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Who Shot Ya (Funkmaster Flex Freestyle)"

Heard a conversation when my father
Talking to his favorite partner
At the domino table, Tony had told him that he saw her

Young ^!$$% hopping out, busting like 4 charters
Popping pills, mixing Galen then shermin some holy water
Mixing Galen then shermin some holy water

Sell it to a priest, he probably can get it off tomorrow
It's wicked when my favorite uncle kick it
Fiends tryina kick the addiction to sucking class dicks

Vivid image is gonna get any fantasy you can fathom
Phantoms ain't the only thing that's suicidal
Open the doorway to a soul, hit the hallways

Then hit the closet, you see a rifle aiming at your arteries
Part of me, parts of me a psycho
And retrospect, my respect was a power ranger I know

Tumbling backwards into a karate kicking high note
My innocence really eventually see a endurance surrendering
... save the genesis heard it all from my bunk bed, yeah hustling

Something my papa said that caught my attention
His eyes red, he smoking on [email protected][email protected]&&,
Mixing the 2 11, he said, I'm 7, going on 67

The day I turn 17 is the day that a lesson inside my lifetime
Come across the close line, every stick my co sign
Everything in the streets got the power to make me go blind

Even if he sat me down in the sun, he gave me those eyes
Comprehending well and I can smell the soberness
Evaporating by itself

He said Tony, my biggest fear is to hear Kendrick disappear
In the fire out here and I didn't help
So if I could give him the game that hide the pain and decisions

In life, so we can go further that the streets and remain to be on the honor roll
Scarify my life even if that %#@! my mama don't
Till the day he carry bout the big 6, domino

Back pack raps, with gats in it
Don't get your cap peeled by the black menace

K dot therobread, move like a militant, soldier
On point like a paramed,
Forced to be wrecking with, with the best %#@!

Like the strongest manure, I'm ready when you are
This is it, I'm in the lab cooking up all day
F' them up all day, like a nympho, I've been dope since S crow way

Tryina convince hoes I got good hair, knowing damn well it's chemical there
I'm in the hood with the 17 year olds, that's on hood patrols
And they want stripes so they shoot off bikes and you know

Any moment you can loose your life, so kiss your kids and hug your life
Or not you, I spawn with a dragon
He tried to throw us flame, but I ducked then I stabbed him

Came out the battle laughing, that's a metaphor for any rapper who want it
I smack them till they nose is running
You know the hoes is coming if I'm there

And the hoes coming, once we hit that hotel
And there's no $$#umption, cool out before I move out
I pull a 1.05 and do about 1.05 before your $$# get thrown out

The back seat, there's a dead guy on the freeway
Oh, he's not dead, tell the medics it's okay
A beast when the beat breaks, you probably think I'm dope

Like it's the realest %#@! I broke
But to me it's a doorway, I stare at them 4 walls
And rap like I'm at guard

Life's enough, I throw a spirit, nah it's the ...
Matter fact no, I take that back
See I don't play with real legends in rap, like you do

And I'm crucial, can real ... and they shoot ... get the boom.
Good kid, mad city.

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Thanks to maria.01215