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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "What The Deal"

If I gotta ride, then youse gonna die
[Verse 1]

I hope ^!$$%s ain't really tryna break my bones, 'cause if you are
Make sure you know what nickname you want for that tombstone
Play hard as a rock, bullets can break stones

Beak Bad Boys down like Jimmy did Sean Combs
I'm hot as an oven, you just a pressing comb
Not impressed, homes, you should've stayed home

And pray that rooftop block you from getting %#@!ted on
I gives a $#[email protected] if A&R's don't pick up the phone
I swear it's no one like me, but if it is

Then I've got a long-lost twin, sort of made me a goon
I don't care about friends, I was made to be on my own
I came in this world by myself, and I'm leaving alone

Hopefully with a crib that I can call my own
With a backyard the size of the $#[email protected] Georgia Dome, pop
You pop %#@! and I might pop your dome

Give your homies a reason to make a memory stone
^!$$%s weird, they love when the beef is on
Knowing that plummet time the only time he'll roam

You'd better hold your breath, I'll give you a walkthrough death
And recommend the gun being your chaperone
I know young ^!$$%s that look up to Al Capone

And they look 17, but I swear that they mind is grown
I'm so grown, and the reason I write this way
'Pac and Big ghostwriting my songs

You can play the boss, but if you get shot from being on top
Then homie, that's your loss
%#@!, I'm nice with it

I'll pop your man then leave some money on him
So he can pay for his funeral costs (get it?)
These ^!$$%s tryna get money like Fort Knox

Either from the rap %#@! or back down to the cut rock
And you can play a baller
But deep inside you know you're just an actor

Yeah, something like Rick Ware
You ain't a thug, homie, you just a fox
And I'm Mr. Werewolf somewhere in the Boondocks

And I'm really from the street, so if I ask for beef, homie
Don't bring no pork chops
I'll turn your skin to pork, homie, with one chop

With a rusty switchblade that's dirty like bums' socks
They say the flow is crack, so wherever I rap
Best believe you can call it a dope spot, (*##$

I swear I'm gon' ride... and he's gotta die
(*##$, it's that Compton %#@!, ^!$$%s
Okay... okay...

Money by any means, ^!$$%...

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