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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Wesley's Theory"

When the four corners of this cocoon collide
You'll slip through the cracks hoping that you'll survive
Gather your wind, take a deep look inside

Are you really who they idolize?
To pimp a butterfly

At first, I did love you
But now I just wanna $#[email protected]

Late night thinkin' of you
Until I got my nut
Tossed and turned, lesson learned

You was my first girlfriend
Bridges burned, all across the board
Destroyed, but what for?

When I get signed, homie I'mma act a fool
Hit the dance floor, strobe lights in the room

Snatch your little secretary (*##$ for the homies
Blue eyed devil with a fat $$# monkey
I'mma buy a brand new Caddy on fours

Trunk the hood up, two times, deuce four
Platinum on everything, platinum on wedding ring
Married to the game, made a bad (*##$ yours

When I get signed homie I'mma buy a strap
Straight from the CIA, set it on my lap
Take a few M-16s to the hood

Pass 'em all out on the block, what's good?
I'mma put the Compton swap meet by the White House
Republican, run up, get socked out

Hit the press with a Cuban link on my neck
Uneducated but I got a million dollar check, like that

[Pre-Hook x2:]
We should never gave, we should never gave
^!$$%s money go back home, money go back home


[Dr. Dre:]
Yo what's up? It's Dre
Remember the first time you came out to the house?

You said you wanted a spot like mine
But remember, anybody can get it
The hard part is keeping it, mother$#[email protected]

What you want you? A house or a car?
Forty acres and a mule, a piano, a guitar?

Anything, see, my name is Uncle Sam on your dollar
Mother$#[email protected] you can live at the mall
I know your kind (That's why I'm kind)

Don't have receipts (Oh man, that's fine)
Pay me later, wear those gators
Cliche and say, $#[email protected] your haters

I can see the borrow in you
I can see the dollar in you
Little white lies with a snow white collar in you

But it's whatever though because I'm still followin' you
Because you make me feel forever baby, count it all together baby
Then hit the register and make me feel better baby

Your horoscope is a gemini, two sides
So you better cop everything two times
Two coupes, two chains, two c-notes

Too much and enough both we know
Christmas, tell 'em what's on your wish list
Get it all, you deserve it Kendrick

And when you get the White House, do you
But remember, you ain't pass economics in school
And everything you buy, taxes will deny

I'll Wesley Snipe your $$# before thirty-five

[George Clinton (Kendrick Lamar):]

Lookin' down is quite a drop (It's quite a drop, drop)
Lookin' good when you're on top (When you're on top you got it)
A lot of metaphors, leavin' miracles metaphysically in a state of euphoria

Look both ways before you cross my mind


Tax man comin'

Tax man comin'
Tax man comin'
Tax man comin'
Tax man comin'

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