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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Track 4 (Go DJ Freestyle)"

Go DJ, cause that's my DJ
Go DJ, cause that's my DJ

Go DJ, cause that's my DJ
Go DJ, cause that's my, cause that's my
Go DJ, cause that's my DJ

Go DJ, cause that's my DJ
Go DJ, cause that's my DJ
Go DJ, cause that's my, cause that's my

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Murder 101, the hottest ^!$$% under the sun

I come from another planet, holdin' that cannon
Best believe I will dump 'til all of you vanish
BLAW one to the throat, you ain't livin' no mo'

Now you know I go, harder than most
I'm on that pimpin' %#@!, take your (*##$, guard your ho
And I don't give a %#@!, if I hit, long as she blow

Just as much as a ref does a whistle
I got dimes, just multiply two nickles
From Lisa's to Keisha's down to Nicole's

Got they mind $#[email protected] up, they'd sell me their soul
Y'all ^!$$%s should already know, I got hoes boy
But you already know that, pimpin'

A baller slash killer like O.J. Simpson
Close to the mic like Scottie Pippen
Superglue grip, I ain't ever slippin'


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
And I move with the coupe through traffic
Real talk, homeboy, not just rappin'

With the tool, mami know that I practice
Cause when I pull it out, I be shootin' it backwards
She like "Damn, how you do that stuff?"

I said "Don't worry, finish suckin' me up", oh fo' sho'
Aye [?], they better act like they know what's up
Before I send 'em to the Heaven, let 'em know what's up

Oh yeah, I'm what people need
And I'm out of y'alls [?] cause the flow got gas
Yeah, our %#@! be the bomb

My suggest, you get your pom poms and cheer
I'm goin' down as the minor of the year
Seventeen, fresh to death, clean, diamonds in my ear

Play with me, have them triple beams aimin' at your rear
Honestly, I'm the motha$#[email protected] that ^!$$%s fear


[Verse 3]

Dave, man, put them ^!$$%s in the grave, man
$#[email protected] a pistol, let them ^!$$%s feel the K, man
I'm still gettin' that cake, man

Cause my uncle's still pitchin' rocks like a caveman
You snakes, stay far from my home
Before I play Nelly and get my Desert Eagle on

Aim at your belly 'til you throw up your own %#@!
Thinkin' you the %#@!, face in the toilet
You wanna witness the livest ^!$$% existin'

Then come and pay me a visit, you have to pay for admission
I'm on my mission to conquer my competition
My [?] bigger than Jay-Z, for sure, not a maybe

I got the streets in a frenzy, dudes in the streets, they [?]
Don't try to creep, I got semis and best believe they will empty
Mix the juice with the Remy got me feelin' so damn tipsy

Just crashed in front of that Bentley, smokin' [?] the (*##$ with me
She takin' shots in my gymmy, couple [?] shots I got plenty
Tell her stop, she said gimme, y'all can see that I'm simply


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