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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Track 1 (HOVA Song Freestyle)"

Greetings people
You're now rockin' with the best

Hub City's threat
Minor of the year

I know the hood's been waitin', right
I'mma stop being stingy
I'mma share with y'all

[Verse 1]
Whoever thought young Kendrick would spit so ignorant

Make street disciples go and get a membership
Streets revival like Creflo Dollar hustlin' on the strip
This is church

Advise you to purchase it or copy the worst
Y'all rhymes sloppy, I rhyme properly
I jam pack Monopoly dollars by puttin' 100% in every verse

Add 10% more and what to you get
A skinny ^!$$% manipulatin' the innocent
I have no sense, ever since the Rodney King riots

Mind militant, ^!$$% don't try it
Try to hold the peace, for I promote violence
Y'all don't rap

Y'all make a lotta noise like sirens
So I'm here to shut %#@! down
The four pound decorate your city

Make over your town
I'm not Diddy, but still a bad boy
'Til the reaper come get me, follow me now

Where no man has stepped, no man has repped
No man can withstand all the nights I've slept
Under my sheets, no life, thinkin' 'bout death

$#[email protected]' with me, you just might lose your breath
I'll take you to them pearly gates
Them golden streets

Plus a cute little casket so your body can sleep
The Hub City %#@! is me

Do you believe
It's Kendrick the God

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Thanks to maria.01215