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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "These Walls"

I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence
Sometimes, I did the same

If these walls could talk [x6]

[Anna Wise:]

Sex, she just want to close her eyes and sway
If you, if you, if you exercise your right to work it out
Its true, its true, its true, shout out to the birthday girls say hey

Say hey, everyone deserves a night to play
And shes plays only when you tell her no

[Hook - Bilal:]
If these walls could talk
I can feel your reign when it cries gold lives inside of you

If these walls could talk
I love it when Iâ??m in it, I love it when Iâ??m in it

If these walls could talk theyâ??d tell me to swim good
No boat I float better than he would
No life jacket Iâ??m not the guard in Nazareth

But your flood can be misunderstood
Wall telling me they full of pain, resentment
Need someone to live in them just to relieve tension

Me? Iâ??m just a tenant
My lord said these walls vacant more than a minute
These walls are vulnerable, exclamation

Interior pink, color coordinated
I interrogated every nook and cranny
I mean its still amazing before they couldnâ??t stand me

These walls want to cry tears
These walls happier when Iâ??m here
These walls never could hold up

Everytime I come around demolition might crush


If these walls could talk theyâ??d tell me to go deep
Yelling at me continuously I can see

Your defense mechanism is my decision
Knock these walls down thatâ??s my religion
Walls feeling like they ready to close in

I suffocate then catch my second wind
I resonate in these walls
I donâ??t know how long I can wait in these walls

Iâ??ve been on these streets too long looking at you from the outside in
They sing the same old song about how they walls are always the cleanest
I beg to differ, I mustâ??ve missed them

Iâ??m not involved Iâ??d rather diss them
Iâ??d rather call all you put your wall up
Cause when I come around demolition gonâ?? crush


If your walls could talk theyâ??d tell you itâ??s too late
Your destiny accepted your fate
Burn accessories and stash them where they are

Take the recipe, the bible and god
Wall telling you that commissary is low
Race wars happening no calling CO

No calling your mother to save you
Homies say to you, you're reputable, not acceptable
Your behavior is Sammy Da Bull like a killer that turned snitch

Walls is telling me you a (*##$
You pray for appeals hoping the warden could afford them
That sentence so important

Walls telling you to listen to "Sing About Me"
Retaliation is strong you even dream about me
Killed my homeboy and God spared your life

Dumb criminal got indicted the same night
So when you play this song rewind the first verse
About me abusing my power so you can hurt

About me and her in the shower whenever she ^^&$#*
About me and her in the after hours of the morning
About her baby daddy currently serving life

And how she think about you until we meet up at night
About the only girl that cared about you when you asked her
And how she $#[email protected] on a famous rapper
Walls could talk

I remember you was conflicted
Misusing your influence
Sometimes I did the same
Abusing my power full of resentment
Resentment that turned into a deep depression

Found myself screaming in a hotel room

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