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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre (Remix/Freeverse by Micah B.)"

Euphoric, need a fortress with a forest, some florists. That cannabis so gorgeous.
Greater than Chuck Norris. Just passing like tourists, splitting the sweet like we sharing a treat. Blunt as can be when a blunt is in me. Wonderful blender of excellent tree.

It's grade A but don't test my pee. Smoke my ashes $#[email protected] the sea. Got a light? Mine out.
Stop and unite like time-outs, it's fine out. Dry mouth, dry eyes. High times let em roll. I let em know from the ground up I let it grow.

When I wake up.. YEEEAHHH. The high that I had last night was gone so I bake up! Sick of this %#@! society is fake as $#[email protected] !#$*, just know I'm handling business. Filling the gap.. dentist. My beat zip is a hit list. Let's get this when I spit quick, invent slick rhythm it's so intrinsic, priceless, expensive, inventive. My training's intensive.

Ain't messing, I'm wrecking. Young boss.. thug mentality. Not a killa but I'll commit a fatality. If i'm pushed so (*##$ don't push me. Bark loud, but you still #[email protected] Bark loud, but you still #[email protected] Bark loud, but you still #[email protected]

Half baked like I'm Dave Chappelle with nothing but dank, nothing but kill. With so much fire it look like Hell, Well it's heaven on cloud 11. Well it's heaven on cloud 11.

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