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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)"

Praise to the almighty, HiiiPower
Me and my ^!$$%s (Live forever)

3 eyes to my alumni
Feel this
I wanna hear it, turn me up (My ^!$$%s on point, game tight)

Turn me up a little bit more ^!$$% (My ^!$$%s on point, game tight)
My ^!$$% Cole in this mother$#[email protected] Wassup ^!$$%?
(My ^!$$%s on point, game tight)

There we go yeah, turn me up

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]

Picture plenty [email protected]#( throwing pelly guns at me
Paranoia making it more than difficult for me to sleep
Pinnacle, I know I be, centerfold, I know I got

But they hate to frame me as the Mona Lisa of Hip-Hop
So retaliation is a must, when we bend the block
My ^!$$%s dump'n out the roof, (Do-do-do-do-do)

Drive past, guns blast, shooting up the charts too
Uh, me K-D-O-T, put TNT inside my suit
Walk inside the label, struck a match, and then I blew, bomb

C4 everywhere, C4 everywhere
I got three [email protected]^%s with me, it smells like Dior and derrière
Decoys dodge slow, you can detour to Heaven's stairs

Or walk inside Hell's dungeons, I just might derail something
They [email protected]#(, I smell something
You douche on the daily, ^!$$%s, you push on them daisies

I push on gas on the Mercedes, ^!$$%
Came in this game with a Rolie, chain, and a dream
Became reality, made some casualties, my choppers scream

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar (x2)]
And now we dump'n out the roof, (Do-do-do-do-do)

Drive past, guns blast, shooting up the charts too
Uh, me K-D-O-T, put T-N-T inside my suit
Uh, walk inside the label, struck a match and then I blew

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
^!$$% that thought Good Kid might flop, or that I might go pop

Or your (*##$ won't drop, knees when my %#@! drop
You're too infatuated with the $#[email protected] numbers
Which make it easy for me to divide and conquer

I come from Compton, we ain't have it all
Smoke a space inside the cafeteria hall
And I'm putting fear in you all

See your skeletons shaking
Jump out your body, you Ricky Bobby until you naked
Y'all pray to God this week I be putting out bombs

I pray to God this beat is good enough for Shyne
If not J. Cole, your %#@! is trash
But at least my opinion just made everyone laugh

This is where we at? I guess it's entertainment
I guess this is speculation making a classic came with
If I ain't have the patience I'd probably self destruct

Real people want real music, the jig is up

[Bridge: Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole]

Your worst fear is confirmed
We love that you crashed and burned
The real is back

K. Dot it's your turn, take your victory lap
King Cole salutin' Compton's own King Kendrick
Thats the sky is falling, the wind is calling

Stand for something or die in the morning
The city hail King Kendrick Lamar
The world hail King Kendrick Lamar

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar (x2)]

[Outro: Kendrick Lamar]
This is my life and I look at it like its my last
And I'm lookin' right past the future as I reminisce on my past

And I don't even think how I used to, my mind is on rocket blast
And I don't even drink like I used too, and I don't even smoke
So you know this natural flow is for users since they want to go to rehab

Lookin' at the [email protected]%!e that he had, matter fact that followers bother them
Then but I won't say my bad, see I just lay in the cut
Watch the product stack up, mother$#[email protected] what what
See now we dump'n out the roof

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