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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Stay Schemin Freestyle"

When I jumped off the Porsche I was forced to last resource of a typical short
cross when that tickles loss
I was forced yelling demons that caught inside of me taught society how to rejoice

killers on side of me haviest prophecy was lost
for a parassy of the streets
and my heart is get caught up the bullet that probably destroyed

a good kid in a mad city is slightly annoyed
I walk out the street with no hitting running to beef when I'm just a fit
and readin the scent of a saint and I smell it the star squeezin

palace tumble and straight have my melon apparent reason
probably was because am I cousin cousin the blood
that was blood then public and Kendrick seem what I'm last weak

and cousin
but you ain't no Kennemy instead of Kendrick I'm Kennedy
..so take my character that's your remedy

fair enough I got enemies but I don't bang
but that's the real precaution like when your cousin is cousin
a blood and you're by yourself parade

good kid I told 20 seconds

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa