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(This, this, this)
(Should be played at high volume)
(Preferably in a residential?)

Life's a (*##$, life's a (*##$

But I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet (Yep)
I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet (Yep)
I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet

I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet
My dick hard, her #[email protected] wet

[Kendrick Lamar - Verse 1]
And I'm born with my dick in the earth, you can tell me how much am I worth
I'ma die with my heart on my sleeve, many die on their hands and their knees

And I'm takin' whatever I need, and I'm rapin' the government fees
And you're wastin' your time, and I'm speakin' my mind on whatever I think
And I think that I'm Richard Pryor with priors of 32 fiends

And that means that I here fly higher, tell me why are you starin' at me?
Matta fact, man, your eyes is wired, you inspired by Kendrick the king
Maybe it's 'cause I'm livin' my dream, man, I sing what I'm livin' about

And the words that come out of my mouth, they requires a random routine
Of being organic granite, then my access is granted
To represent the %#@! that I conceive, and I guarantee that I'ma bring

My mind, body, soul and I sold all these records off bein' myself
And I wish you can do the same thing, man, it's easier than a stripper
Or tyin' a baby shoestring, you stringing along

And really why you writing a song? Your passion for music is never in sync
No secret societies guided me to the world of unseen
And they tell me life is a (*##$, who gives a %#@!? You can believe

I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet (Yep)
I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet (Yep)

My-my dick hard, her #[email protected] wet
I'ma keep the #[email protected] wet (Yep)

(Hi, ho!) I came

(Bye, ho!) I went (We-we-went-went)

(Hi, ho!) I ca-came
(Bye, ho!) I went
(Hi, ho!) I came

(Bye, ho!) I went
((*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$-(*##$, (*##$, (*##$, (*##$)

[Kendrick Lamar - Verse 2]
And I see that you envy of me, enemy ghosts don't prosper
Better yet, they do die eventually, if I'm at the event you will leave

'Cause you know and I know that I go ham even if Muslims is seen
In my rearview I'm near you, but I don't hear you, can you hear this breathe?

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