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alright, here we go, third take, real quick ali

got me breathing with dragons
i'll crack the egg in your basket, you [email protected]$(

i'm marilyn manson with madness, now just imagine the magic
i light to $$#es, don't ask for your favorite rapper

(he dead) yessir (amen) chuuch
(he dead) i killed him (amen) (*##$

[verse 1]
and this is rigamortis and it's gorgeous when you die
ali recorded and i'm morpheus, the matrix of my mind

i'm out the orbit, you an orphan and a hairdresser combined
i'm on the toilet when i rhyme if you the %#@! then i decline
i climax where you begin and then i end on cloud 9

and that's important when you morph into a angel in the sky
and don't be forging all my signatures, my listeners reply and tell me
that you biting style, you got a hell of an appetite

and i'mma be here for a while just buckle up before the ride
or knuckle up if you could fight, we always making them duck or die
a suit and tie is suitable and usual in suicide

csi, just might investigate this $#[email protected] parasite

[verse 2]

(he dead, amen) that's what they telling me
aim it at your celebrity, this is studio felony
ferragami so many and cool enough for the 70's

^!$$%, payback's a (*##$ and (*##$ you been living in debt with me
that i more than especially, leave a call on his mother voicemail
to say that he rest in peace, bigger chopper the recipe

wrestling, that's irrelevant rather rest at your residence
whistling to the melody couldn't think of a better d
better be on your p and q, it's just me jay rock, soul and q

so the system ain't barbeque, ain't nothing else you can do

(he dead) yup-yup (amen) i killed him

(he dead) haha (amen) amen

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