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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Phone Home Feat Punch"

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
In due time I'm the modern day Albert Einstein
I'm prime time like Deion

And the rest of y'all is peons
I pee on the best
Whoever you are you can step

Like a prosthetic leg
I see monsters in my head
That's why I rap with such aggression

I tear down studio sessions
Rappers scared, they walk in the booth
With a bible and a reverend

I use my mouth as a weapon
Bullets rip through your mid section
Rat tat a tat tat tat rata tat tat tat

I'm a Comptown, ^!$$% get a casket
Go against me, that'll lead to my advantage
Because I've got to eat

And for real I'm feeling kind of famished
Hotter than the earth core, don't show me where no fan is
Show me where your fans is so they can see the real

I'm sick and electrifying, that's double ill
Me feel like me will be a legend like Will was a legend
But I'm not an actor, put that in my will

Gimme a second uncut [email protected]%!e lyrics what I'm stressing
She want the raw so I fed her lines like Kevin
Tell 'em I'm a werewolf, behold the 5 6 bigfoot

Lear jet overlook the country like Garth Brooks
Lyrics on point, plus I got the right hooks
Like Tommy Hearns, punchlines burn

I'm not concerned about the SoundScan
Cause most of y'all is drowning
A lifeguard that's lounging

Meaning I don't worry about none of you rappers
I'm way more live
That's evil backwards

Now with that great word play
I tend to let my words play
Like children on a Saturday

It's sad to say you're not up to par
And I don't play with mini golf and sharks
Jump inside the pool of sharks, we're biting off your head, your heart, your legs, arms

Bled like Jay Rock or Big Y
And make sure you wear a vest
Because they my family ties

Suit up
You got a three piece? I got a three piece
A MAC-11, a 9 mili, and a DE

He backpedaling like a DB
I'm such a Martian
Call me ET

Always behind it like I own the TP
I %#@!, fart, pee pee
On anybody track

Walk in the booth and drink down a fifth of Ex-Lax
Now phone home

My ^!$$% Punchline is on, wipe 'em down

[Verse 2: Punch]

Your boy carry that flame I am a arsonist
I spit arsenic at you ^!$$%s cartilage
Ill wip, drive by, ^!$$%s carsick

20 on the charm
VVS studded flawless
Try and reach we specialize in garbage

Taking out the trash put you underneath the tar pits
How many times I gotta tell y'all ^!$$%s the big fish in the small pond
I wail on ^!$$%s I'm vicious

No, I'm serious
Skip the birth [email protected]#^ and climb straight Cesarean
You ^!$$%s ain't listening

I'm not from 'round these parts
I'm nonexistent
Hit you with brake light

Leave you missing

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