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Ride to it, ride to it
Cause you never know

When a bullet might hit
Then you die to it, die to it
Die to it, die to it

Live your life, live it right
Be different, do different things
Don't do it like he did

Cause he ain't what you is
But we can win, wait, let's be straight to the point

To the meaning of life
What's my purpose? Maybe this Earth is ain't a good place to be
How far is heaven? Let's see

Is it in the clouds like they said it would be?
I wonder when I die
Will it give me receipts?

I wonder will the eyes of the lord look at me?
Look at me, look at me, I'm a loser, I'm a winner
I'm good, I'm bad, I'm a Christian, I'm a sinner

I'm humble, I'm loud, I'm righteous, I'm a killer
What I�m doing, I�m saying that I'm human
Now people just:


It go 1, 2, 3, two
In the front, one in the back seat
Seat, seat, seat

Looking for a victim of an AK-47
100 round each, each, each
Why must we retaliate?

Is it human nature? I don't know
I look for the answers later
Make a right, there they go!

Sometimes gotta:


As I open this book and then burn up some of this reefer
My plan is to figure out the world and escape all my demons

I'm dying inside, I wonder if Zion inside the heavens
A condom, a rollie, pain, a fat blunt and a mack 11

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