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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "K104 Halloween Freestyle"

Real rap, I knock rhymes right off of your skull cap
YouExplain can't see me when I step into the booth
Your wish list, K.Dot, yeah I'm the truth

Stuntin, you'd better get your broom
Cause I'm flying with witches and we're going to the moon
With this album, debut at that

I'm so fly I might float with the bats
Y'all know the most
Biggie and Pac, they behind me as my ghosts

Cause you think they write for me when I step into the drop
My %#@! is so sweet, candy flavored, no you're not
Skeletons in my closet

And no, you can't get up off it
This the freestyle, trick or treat
Halloween, better come with me, I'm sweet

Pumpkins, smacking them across they head
And I'm pokin' eyeballs out on the web instead
He gonna gonna keep going

Baby, sex tape killed me
Ye, ye, I'm so fly, right now I'm so high
Matter of fact oh we talking about the hurricane

I'm talking about New York, I pray for y'all, know what I mean
I don't want that to happen, cuz if so I might just start rapping
Kim Kardashian, Ye did that $$# in

Coming straight from Compton, I thought y'all know
I ain't gonna look at the cards yet, cause I'm 'bout to flow

Matter fact, this the perfect part to talk about them Lakers
Everybody that's disrespecting, y'all the fakers
We gonna keep going, off the top of the dome

Math, y'all gonna go home
Teach y'all to come back to my city
Shrink you, G

Five times, four times, that's the repeat
Obama, we ain't gonna talk about Ritt Momney
Because he's whack, fugazi, fugazi

I don't need to talk about the flow that I'm in
If you gonna vote, vote for Obama
He's gonna win, fo sho

And we gonna keep on going
Off the top, we just gonna keep on flowing
We gonna get back to this little punk, he's crap

Mitt Romney, show 'em how to rap
Matter fact, this freestyle is just dedicated to him
You're homeboys right now with Slim

Your chances, you're not gonna win
You need to go back to where you came from, boy
It's the ruler of the game

Obama, vote now homeboy, he's got game
What's up

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