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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Dreams Feat Punch"

[Spoken intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Nah, what you get outta, outta not writing your stuff down on paper, you get the more-you know the...expression, the feeling yourself. You know what you want to say; instead of reading a paper that sounds read, it sounds narrated. Unless you wanna do it narrated...

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
What if a dream was reality and reality was a dream?
And as complicated as it seems, if things we imagined actually happened?

And real life situations was artificial
They say we only living to, die
Imagine if we're already dead, waiting to live, living in hell

Trying to cross over to heaven we're confusing ourselves
Planet earth's like Oceans 11, we're plottin' for the getaway

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
When my childhood friends get sent away to prison on their first offense
It's $#[email protected] up but listen, we study God but don't know him

Criticize people that work on Sundays, two jobs just to feed their kids
Well, momma's scratching lottery tickets knowing that it's just a fairy tale
Cus' we ain't gonna win

Every time that she's bubblin' in, it feels like the devil's holding a pen
Don't mind me I'm just thinking again

Thinking out loud, thinking the opposite of proud
Cus' I'm disappointed at my self sometimes
Self-esteem gets lower than night strippers

Hard to motivate the right rhymes, inspired by true crimes
It's not a game, it's nothing to play with
Turn it off then come back the next day, it's here to stay

Struggle that is
I'm so infatuated with knowing something that's waiting after this life
That means what I'm thinking is right

Punch, loop the beat for a minute
Moment of silence for J. Dilla, he on his way home
Know he see me spillin' my heart, hope for it soon

Wait a minute K. Dot! you said turn it back on, bring it back
If dreams was reality
If it was cool for you to be a casualty

The only way that you can escape poverty
Say that I'm weird but obviously you didn't get it when I said it the first time
You're listening too far if you hear this part

I suggest you go back and press rewind
I fast forward to common thoughts of a human
Deep in my thoughts like Patrick Ewing in the paint

Look what I brought to my state that they can't bring - the industry need a fix
Stick [email protected](% needles inside politics, this is crack music
O-pi-um, inside the veins of them, I don't abuse it

Capture each moment like film, photo-shooting all my enemies moving
Direct them to a casket
Give it to 'em only if they ask for it, if they want...

If they wanna see reality [haha]
I'm losing you again ain't I?
Ain't I, the perfect candidate to represent the fifty states?

Black President, they don't wanna see that
It's evident...pain is pain
We only love to hate each other that's striving for great-ness

I swear to God that we live in a Matrix
Take that blue pill then we start seeing spaceships
Kanye, west-coast ^!$$%s do it the best

Bring each other down, crab in a bucket of fit
We learn to live with it I guess
I mean dive with it, since we're already dead

Trying to cross over to heaven, that's what I said the first time
Get it? Now little boy I gotta sit you down
Teach you about the things that we live around

Materialistic things that we buyin' now means nothing later when the dream kick in
Fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out...

[Verse 2: Punch]
When the dreams was reality and money was love
What would we do for a buzz to maintain our sanity

Chasing the wind, striving after this vanity
Traveling, no direction, the aimless casualty
American dream or Scarface fantasy

Kilos of [email protected]%!e and the arms of black families
We use to it, our hearts draped in stone
A mother's dreams for her baby boy to come back home

Cus' he out pushin' that chrome, pursuing that cash
End another ^!$$%s dreams when the fo-fifth blast
Now another mother screams picking out his casket
Harsh reality, it seems like it's simple mathematics, it's not
It's trigonometry (trigganometry) divided by some real life

And he'll do it again just to get a mill' twice
The streets mowed him, can't make past that
It's not a dream it's reality, look where it's at [ugh]
What happened in Manhattan happens all the time
In the hood, conspiracy to cover up crime

No nickel and dime, one shot pettiness
I wrote it in my mind as a letter to the president
World trade happened on the world stage
Same stage look at us as some educated apes
On video stations women gyrating

Parading around, mind-raping the youth
Fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out, fade me out...


[Outro: Denzel Washington]
I'm the man up in this piece! You'll never see the light of da..
Who the $#[email protected] d'ya think you $#[email protected]' with? I'm the police!
I run %#@! here, you just live here!

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