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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (remix)"

I am a sinner, who's probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me... Lord forgive me

Things I don't understand
Sometimes I need to be alone...
(*##$ don't kill my vibe, (*##$ don't kill my vibe

I can feel your energy from two planets away
I got my drink, I got my music
I would share it but today I'm yellin

(*##$ don't kill my vibe, (*##$ don't kill my vibe
(*##$ don't kill my VIBE, (*##$ don't kill my vibe

[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, look inside of my soul
and you can find gold and maybe get rich, hol' up

Trinidad Jame$ in four weeks
but now my album platinum and %#@!? So what
Y'all keep the numbers

I'm more than another statistic, my ^!$$%
This courtesy of Compton (courtesy of Compton)
Brooklyn go hard, mother$#[email protected]

Love me on the east like I'm Chuck D
Dominicans wish that I was born there
I'm lookin to be the God MC

You look at my hat and see thorns there
I look at the game and see [email protected]$^ there
I'm $#[email protected] this industry hard

I'm baggin this money, tea-baggin your honey
You'd thought I was fresh out the yard
Don't cry to me dummy, you're lightweight

They tell me you nice and I'm like, "wait...
Go get me a knife, you're lookin like steak"
And when the stakes are high, I stake out for days

And where the water reside, you're Bobby Boucher
But we ain't thirsty ^!$$%, never alert me ^!$$%
I got a P89 in a suitcase

I know you heard me ^!$$%, this is a burpee ^!$$%
Lyrical exercise
Right now homie, I'm in extra vibe

Pipe down on the curve when you heard that I got these words
To the upper echelon, that's excell-ant



Up in the clouds, me and my spouse...
Rumors on the ground gettin too loud
Please turn them %#@!s down (down, DOWN...)

Can't hear myself think..
Turbulence, %#@!, I almost spilled my drink
In the White House with a mink

Runnin through that (*##$ like it's my house
All up in the hall like a mall
Told you mother$#[email protected], all I do is BALL

No, I don't 'member you, I don't intend to empty my, mem-ory, bank
It's a +Million Dollars+ in it, +Baby+, Hilary Swank
Sittin next to Hilary smellin like dank

Presidental pardon, name one ^!$$% out there harder than him
I'll WAIT... {*echoes*} ...
I've been in my wave like twenty years straight

I've been on my vibe like twenty years straight
Don't $#[email protected] up my high~! $#[email protected] up my high~!
Nights like this, I could $#[email protected] up a pie

And still be skraight (still be skraight)
Fall back (*##$, I got a lot on my plate
Don't waste my breath...

I don't know how many moons a ^!$$% got left
Back to this joint...{*inhales*}
Smokin this %#@! like I'm tryna prove a point

I'm the highest, the highest title, numero uno
Kill my, vibe, that's your mother$#[email protected] funeral {*laughs*}

[Kendrick Lamar]
...Between you and me, turn eulogy to urinals, ^!$$%z pissed off..
I'm in this lil' 'dition %#@!, envision my fort

Leader of the new school, on my toes like a ballerina
Who knew I'd be +Black Swan+?
World in my palms, ironically
I am the Globetrotters' best cause I didn't drop the ball
Told ^!$$%z when I was 16 that I'd write a 16 to put a ^!$$% right on the big screen

In the paddy wagon with 16
Should have been in the pen but now my pen writing with morphine
I heal ^!$$%z, touch down with more fiends
I kill ^!$$%z, audio crack, khakis to meal ticket
Cardio lap, was runnin for dear life but now I'm runnin the map

(*##$, I'm here !#$%~!
Picture little old me givin a $#[email protected] from what a $#[email protected] ^!$$% gotta say
^!$$% you never be Jay, never be Nas, never be Snoop nor Dre
You ain't get killed in Vegas or hit a Suburban
^!$$%, Puff Daddy wasn't your favorite

So many washed up with detergent
But I don't dry tears, I just aim at them on purpose
Like BLAP! Mini-14 like BLAP!
Empty out another magazine like BLAP!
Hit a young ^!$$%, get BACK! (DOO!)

I kill 'em all when they try to kill my VIBE! (DOO! DOO!)
I am the bad, the good God, the last the hood got
The last that would try to pass a good job
If Shawn's a black Beatle then I need a ten second drum solo
(*##$ see you at Woodstock, ah!

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