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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Bend Ya Feat Blessed, Frank Ocean & Shawn Chrystopher"

[Hook: Frank Ocean]
All the spoons in my kitchen
Bend, they bend, they bend, they bend, they bend

Bend ya up, and bend ya back down
All the girls in my bedroom
They bend, they bend, they bend, they bend, they bend)

Bend ya in and bend ya in and bend ya back out
All the rules to this game, oh I
Bend, I bend, I bend, I bend

Beend it girl, beend it girl

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]

Soon as I enter
I put a hurting on it if I don't kill it she injured
For a long time, summer, spring, and winter

Fall for anything, you clumsy-ass ^!$$%
Jumping off the boat in some 87 Locs
She's seen them hundred spokes and then that woman spoke

But I don't talk back, I put my life on tracks
If that don't work put your wife on track
Show me where the candle wax, it must be you

Cause I burn right through everything ya'll do
High octane when I bring on my last name
Mr. Lamar AKA The Cash King

Quicker than pre-cum won't you give her a reason
To not meet up with me like a vegan
Psst, [email protected]%& I'm the $#[email protected] man

She said $#[email protected] her man, now she $#[email protected] with Mann


[Verse 2: Shawn Chrystopher]
Everytime I close my eyes I see a different dream

I pray to God that we don't close until we reach our dreams
College tuition for daughters that I ain't even father
Now I got a redbone at the altar call me Prince Akeem

Six digits for me to complete the offer
I used to call me Waldo, and now they call me Walter
Yeah, I'm higher than them Urkel pants

Live without a purpose, man but that just cause my circumstances
And I mean it, if you want it, come and get it, boy
Death come in threes and you're looking like triplets boys

In high school I climbed the roof so I could smoke my weed
The dealers knew that I was young and sold me bag of seeds
I'm chasing dreams, hoes chasing me

But I just get they name and number like the mater D
'cause all I wanna do was roll up hash and smash the $$# of a (*##$ who live like Kim Kardashian


[Verse 3: Blessed]

She is the last straw, I've bend her then sip slow
My pencil draws her closer, she gets high and bends low
Long flight from my Cali mistress, to a district with red lights

Prostitutes and rich ^!$$%s, just a recipe for long nights
Shake well, and all they do
I'm laying next to some girl who last night showed me things I never knew

Either I'm bending space out or I'm just bending space in
I put my heart on tracks, but it's four AM and that chick's still racing
One bed, two girls, three way, four times

My shame came off with their clothes, it's paradise of the mind
Absolut vodka mixed with absolute freedom
I meet my darker side and it's a pleasure just to meet him

I'm thinking about puffing and writing while $#[email protected]
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow ain't comin'
And if tomorrow ain't comin' and that's the name that she told me

But when you hit this level, every first name is phony
But here, the air tastes better
Weed is more potent and girls seem wetter

Days are a haze and drinks just stronger
Nocturnal ^!$$%, these nights seem longer
I'm only here for one night, it's Disneyland for man

White girls, blue kush, red lights, American in Amster?damn

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