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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "A Little Appalled"

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
I'm so appalled Louis Vuitton draws
The %#@!, a booth for me is a bathroom stall

If you're not fond of me you're comedy, Lil Duval
I have a lot of flaws, I'm human before all
I wake up in the morning smell some coffee then tell your (*##$ to get off me

Mos Def, word to every autopsy
Man that boy bad, man that boy spaz
Til he crash like Sandra Bullock and Luda on the ave

He changed his name, he a conscious rapper
Naw mutha'$#[email protected] I'm just Compton's Rapper
I might spit some intricate %#@! for [email protected]$!s not to get

But really I'm just as rude as Marshall Mathers
Is that a contradiction? He contradicting himself again?
Of course that's a contradiction, the $#[email protected] you think life is?

We not like like Christ is
We all want ices and devices to make the (*##$es say I like this
People don't understand why I went southpaw

I looked in the mirror and said I can't be like y'all
I can't be like Game, I can't be like Eazy
To get in this rap game, I know it won't be easy

Cause my %#@! differ-ent
I know
He from Compton, where he from has he killed befo'?

Truth is, I ain't the most ruthless, but I'm not cupid
Befo' she had two kids my momma worked two gigs
To get out Chicago

To move right back to another ghetto, on Sante Fe playing the lotto
I used to want a champagne two door tahoe
Until I seen that same truck shot by five-o

Dead with his eyes closed, y'all should've seen 'em
Off a gallon of cough syrup, but rifles had leaned 'em
That's why these tough rappers man I don't believe 'em

Yall wanna be 'em, I wanna grab bats and beat 'em
So they can feel the pain of the blocks I'm from
Where my heart turned numb

And the powder and the shells come up off that gun
Come up off your chain, or come up off your life and have a fatherless son
Its the syllabus for the ignorant militant mind

'quivalent crimes for jail sentencin'
No one preventin' this war
You sure, you sure

Sure as the edges on every ocean now lets explore
The Kendrick Lamar LP I been promotin' for 'bout a month
Don't worry its comin' soon, like a fast nut

I never been gassed up, some labels they passed up
Now the industry crashin', I guess they got bad luck
Your bad, you don't write neither?

There goes another fad
%#@! I write ether
I get it in like the Vanna on Wheel of Fortune

Forcin' your forfeit
With the strength of the prime forces of four fork lifts
Ugh, this is very extra necessary

This extra scary
This is Amityville
This is the Exorcist on ecstasy pills

And if I can't do it my integrity will
Head dog wishes, every Compton (*##$ is
I mean this %#@! is

$#[email protected] ridiculous
$#[email protected] ridiculous
They all got a fat $$# but lower case [email protected]%$

Now I gotta mix and match, jungle fever, white and black
Double d, Brittney, Becky get your mouth intact
Reg call'em Jabberjaw, she gon' hop skip and jog

Just to read my twitter blog
Man these hoes pitiful

And to you bloggers that say I'm weak
You know how long I took to chop this $#[email protected]' beat?
Y'all don't 'preciate %#@!

All y'all do is hate %#@! and if I don't say %#@! y'all still say I ain't %#@!
And that's ridiculous, I mean that %#@! is
$#[email protected]' ridiculous

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